YouTube sparks Steve Glynn’s career

Steven Glynn, better known online as “SteveDangle”, started his YouTube video career in the fall of 2007 after reading an article in The Toronto Sun condemning the Leafs after only their first game of the season. He decided to film a “typical” Leafs fan’s reaction to the start of the season. Little did he know at that point that his career would flourish from there. His work has been featured on Leafs TV, Leafspace, and the NikeTraining YouTube page, in addition to other websites. I had an opportunity to ask Steve about his videos, hockey,and life.

The Medium: How did you come up with the screen name “SteveDangle”?

Steve Glynn: It was a total accident. We came up with nicknames for my high school newspaper, the Mowat Misprints. Somebody showed me “Floyd Dangle” and I thought it was funny. I made my YouTube account “SteveDangle”. The name Dangle fits so well with hockey and now I have Dangle stitched on three jerseys!

TM: Are your videos scripted?

SG: No. More often than not I press record and say what I want. Sometimes I’ll jot down a note or two, but it’s become such a part of my life that I don’t forget many ideas once I think of them.

TM: How do you deal with the hate mail you get on YouTube?

SG: I used to take it personally but now I don’t mind it at all. For a while I had a collection of my favourite ones posted on Facebook. Not everyone’s going to agree with you, and I’m not always right, so people are entitled to say what they want. Anything directed at me as an insult doesn’t affect me because I’m a happy guy.

TM: When did you realize that you had made it big on YouTube?

SG: When I started getting recognized in public. It happens a lot more now, and that’s not something you ever get used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s very surreal when a stranger goes, “Hey! You’re awesome!” People ask me “Hey, remember when you said this?” and I’m like “No, actually, I forgot about that.” My videos getting featured on Leafs TV was another huge thing for me. The first time I ever saw myself on Leafs TV was in a bar on Halloween 2008. I started freaking. Then when Nike approached me to go to the World Juniors I was in total disbelief. It’s freaking Nike! That was a good day, to say the least.

TM: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through your YouTube channel?

SG: I think I’ve learned to look at things through everyone’s eyes. I always try to be understanding of everyone, especially when I disagree with someone. I try to figure out where they’re coming from. This doesn’t just apply to my videos, though. It’s everything in life. Everyone has a story. We all have good days, and we all have bad ones. People feel the way they do for a reason, justified or not.

TM: You landed an awesome job with Nike, and now have the opportunity to interview NHL players as well as Olympic athletes. Who has been your favourite to interview?

SG: That’s a hard question. I might have to go with Jarome Iginla. He was a fantastic, inviting, and willing interview. I even got him to do a bit of poking fun at his “Don’t talk to me about destiny” ad for Nike. He’s a true professional and a great guy. Non-hockey has to be interviewing Alex Bilodeau in a gold Caddy after he won his gold medal in Vancouver. He’s hilarious!

TM: You recently graduated from Ryerson University’s radio and television program. Why did you pick that program?

SG: I always knew I wanted to do something in the field of journalism. I wanted to take the journalism program at Ryerson but after my interview for radio and television at Ryerson I started to change my mind. I have tons of interchangeable skills I can fall back on now, and I’m still learning.

TM: Any advice for someone interested in pursuing a media career?

SG: Learn how to do everything. I’m young and I haven’t mastered anything, but if you want me to film something, I can. If you want me to edit, I can edit a bit. I can do on-camera stuff, I can write, I can produce. I think it’s key because it makes it easier to solve problems. This applies with every field in life, not just media.

TM: Who do you look up to in the media industry?

SG: As a kid I loved watching Don Cherry. Who didn’t? As an “adult”—which is a gross word—I admire CBC’s Jeff Marek because he has fun with what he does, but he’s reputable as well. I look up to the way George Stroumboulopoulos interviews his guests. He does a lot of research, carries a naturally flowing conversation, and he listens and connects well.

TM: What is your first memory of the Maple Leafs growing up?

SG: I hate to bring it up but my earliest memories of the Leafs are from the conference finals against the Kings. I remember wearing my Leafs jersey and running around the living room like a maniac. I’d get mad and take my jersey off if they lost, and dance around the house screaming if they won.

TM: Do you have any weird superstitions when it comes to hockey?

SG: I never predict the score, because I’m almost never right and if I predict the Leafs will win, they don’t.

Steve’s videos can be found on his YouTube channel, “SteveDangle”. He is currently on his fourth season of “Leafs Fan Reaction” videos, and continues to make videos after every Leafs game. If you’re a Leafs fan and haven’t heard of him, check out his work.

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