UTM Eagles Men’s Varsity soccer team finished on top with a 5-3 victory over the Conestoga Condors on Saturday September 28. They played a strong game from start to finish, barely giving the Condors a chance to score. The men showed great teamwork through their exceptional passing which helped them finish with a win.

The Eagle’s number 23, Prabdeep Singh, and number 17, Damian Koscienlniak, kept a strong, consistent defense throughout the whole game. They prevented little to no shots on goal with their defensive plays, which helped the team regain possession of the ball whenever the opposing team was on offense.

Eagle’s number 24, Pawandeep Sandhu, jumped in on the action too and was always first to the ball, never giving the Condors time to hold onto possession of the ball for too long. The overall composure of the team was good—they played in a calm and controlled manner. There was always communication on the field, and the Eagles supported each other, either by opening up for a pass and calling for the ball, or letting a teammate know there was an opposing player on them.

In the first half, the boys quickly started off with a sharp offense and took little to no time in regaining possession of the ball. The game was proven to be rough from the start as the Condors played aggressively, but the Eagles soon countered their plays when Eagle’s number 19, Jens Winkel, scored the first goal of the game. After that, it was goal after goal for them. Winkel’s goal was followed by another goal by number 17, Damian Koscienlniak, and number 9, Mohammad Golmakani, leaving the score at half-time 3-1 with the Eagles in the lead.

Later in the second half, the Eagles played a stronger defense which took the pressure off their goalie, first-year number one, Braeden Pinto. Eagles number 12, Martin Iyamabo played well defensively, not letting any opponents pass him or have a chance at net. Even with a strong defense, the boys continued their offensive attack which led to the fourth Eagle goal scored by number 26, Eric Halar.

Eagles rookie, number four, Faris Ammari, kept the pressure on the goalie and managed to score the Eagle’s final goal of the game. The final score at the end of the second half was 5-2, a strong finish for the Eagles.

Their skill, technique, passing, and teamwork allow this team to play well together and finish with a victory. The UTM Varsity Eagles Men’s soccer team play their final road game against the Humber Hawks on October 9. And they play their final game of the season on our home pitch against the Sheridan Bruins on October 15 at 4:30 p.m. Come out and support your fellow Eagles on the pitch next weekend. Good luck Eagles!

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