The Sports Editor: UTM Students lead Mississauga Majors to victory

The Mississauga St.Michael’s Majors defeated the Peterborough Petes 4-2 Friday February 6 at Mississauga’s Hershey Centre. UTM Student Cameron Gaunce scored one goal with two assists, while recent Majors addition and fellow UTM student Jared Gomes earned four assists. They were joined by teammate Jordon Mayer as the three stars of the game.

The Majors are now in fourth in the Eastern Conference and still trying to climb the ladder. We might not see the Majors pass Brampton, however, there is always the chance that when playoffs come around, the Major won’t go down without a fight.

Their power play has improved with rookie William Wallen taking the point with Gaunce and Gomes leading the offense. This game also has Majors’ netminder J.P. Anderson taking some of the spotlight with save after save, holding the Petes scoreless until the third period. Anderson was able to keep the pads stacked and sliding across the crease to keep it a Majors dominant game. 

And You can’t forget the improvement with the penalty kill, especially when Gomes and Gaunce teamed up to make sure they do a little more than prevent a power play goal. 

“The road trip was long, but I think we came out of it hungry to win,” said Gomes. 

Let’s see if they can keep up the work. 


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