They’re heating up

I think LBJ and Flash are starting to figure it out. The Miami Heat have recently gone on a tear in the NBA, finishing December with a 15-1 record, improving their record to 28-9 after starting the season 9-8. LeBron and Wade, with the help of Chris Bosh, have made a significant improvement on the defensive side of the ball. What makes the Heat’s streak of 19 wins in 20 games more impressive is that they have done it without starter Udonis Haslem, who brings a lot of intensity on both sides of the ball. Head coach Spoelstra was feeling the heat after his team’s slow start, but he stayed the course and eventually let the talent that surrounds him take over. The Heat have some impressive wins at Utah and a surprising slaughter of the Lakers on Christmas night in LA.

However,  they are 0-2 against the Celtics, 0-2 against the Mavs and 1-1 against the Magic. The Eastern Conference will run through Boston and Orlando, so Miami has to figure it out pretty soon.

The big three have found some chemistry and it was recognized by the NBA, as LBJ and D-Wade were named co-players of the month in December. It feels like so long ago that everyone was off the Heat bandwagon, proclaiming the clash of egos were slowly destroying the team. It seems that all of that talk has stopped. There is a lack of controversy surrounding the team when that team wins. When teams win, there is nothing to criticize and it seems that the Heat are figuring that out. LeBron said he sacrificed MVP trophies when he went to Miami, it won’t seem like such a crazy decision if LeBron gets the NBA title rings he has been pursuing.

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