NFL: unpredictable

No matter how many stats you might know about the NFL, no one can predict exactly how the season will unfold week by week. This time last year, there were five undefeated teams, including the Giants, Broncos, Colts, Vikings, and Saints, and four teams were 0-4: Titans, Rams, Chiefs, and Buccaneers.

My, how times have changed. Those 5-0 teams through the fifth week of the season now have a combined record of 12-12, and the 0-5 teams, in the 5 weeks have a combined record of 11-7, with the Titans sharing first spot in the AFC South and the Chiefs leading the AFC West at 3-1. I bet that no expert would have seen this coming; it’s amazing how sports can humble even the smartest of experts.

I stopped playing Pro Line because I don’t feel like throwing away my money any more. The NFL landscape changes every week and no matter what you think affects the outcome of a game, there always seems to be another aspect—for example, fumbles, punt return touchdowns, or unpredictable missed calls; anything can affect the final score. It seems to happen every week, and I don’t know a single person that wins money every week. If this trend continues, it will become more difficult to predict the clear-cut winners, not to mention all of those in a pool where you must predict the spread.

The Saints, who are the defending Super Bowl Champions, were a sure bet last season. But they’ve also become impossible to predict.

Drew Brees has struggled in recent weeks, and the Saints defence’ has been less than stellar this season.

The Vikings picked up Randy Moss in hopes to have a deep threat for Brett Favre to pass to, but they were defeated last week despite their new weapon. That’s why I have decided not to wager anymore.

So if someone has a formula to pick winning games on a consistent basis, please let me know, because I’m tired of throwing away my money and being in the dark.

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