Congrats and concerns: Sports around the world

It was an exciting and exhilarating week filled with big games, trades and plain raw sport entertainment. Heres whats new and what we have to look forward to for the future in professional sports.

Congratulations to Tim Tebow and his  CAA career:

The BCS national title game this past week was one to remember. The second seeded Florida Gators had the chance to prove they were the best in the country when they faced Oklahoma. Everyone doubted Florida after their less-than-convincing lead up to the final, but Gators coach Urban Meyer reminded the media that Florida also played against the majority of the top 25 best defensive teams in the country.

The Gators played a horrible first half until Tebow promised that the second half would be a different game. No doubt it was. He finished the night with two touchdowns and 231 passing yards to lead the Gators to their second title in three years.

Tebow had always been criticized for not executing plays properly during the game. However, if you watched the game you would have seen Tebows dedication to his team. An oversized quarterback with a suspect arm when it comes to closing out games, Tebow however possesses an attribute of legends — leadership.

I love to lead a team. I love to be in charge. I feel that is my personality, Tebow said after the game.

Playing with his heart and for the love of the game and his teammates, Tebow led his team and coaching staff to another title that will go down in NCAA history. No one knows however if he will stay for yet another season with Florida, who expects to keep their defense and offense (one of the best offenses in history) intact.

Concerns for on-ice scuffles:

Its a part of Canadian culture to scuffle on the ice when its needed; either for momentum or for respect. But it has also grown into a controversial concern for the NHL, especially now after the death of Whitby Dunlops defenseman Don Sanderson.

Sanderson was involved in a tussle with Brantfords Cory Fulton during a game in Brantford. Losing his helmet during the fight, Sandersons unprotected head struck the ice surface, leaving him unconscious. Weeks after he died.

With so many issues similar to the Sanderson case, some are demanding fighting be taken out of the sport. Its a touchy situation. The NHL and NHLPA have to take a deeper look into fighting and the damages it has caused the sport and the players. Fighting and checking has been around since the dawn of the puck. Its the Canadian way of playing hockey, and hockey is quintessentially a Canadian sport. Its hard to simply eliminate such a traditional attribute of the game. Not an easy call to make.

Congratulations to Brendan Shanahan — welcome back!

Finally, the prolific goal scorer signs on for the rest of the season. And for the perfect team no less — the New Jersey Devils. Next to Zach Praise and Patrick Elias, the Devils needed another star member, someone who can finish off the late goals to either tie a game or win it. Shanahan found a home away from home, without moving too far from New York City. Its a perfect fit and a new age for the future hall-of-famer, who returns to the city he played for a decade ago.

Concerns for the Kontinental Hockey League:

With the major recession in the global market, no one knows if the KHL will last after this season. Gazprom is falling down the market and having trouble  helping the league stay atop the European leagues.

According to an article from The Hockey News Ken Campbell, the KHL has cut all player salaries by forty per cent. According to Jaromir Jagr, who is currently on the Avangard Omsk payroll, this is however, untrue.

The KHL is falling and its a concern for most ex-NHLers currently playing in Russia and so on. Jagr is one who is already considering finding a way back into the NHL via the Pittsburgh Penguins for a minimum salary.

I would play for $350,000 just for him [Mario Lemieux] because I owe him my hockey life. I want to pay him back because he has made me what I am…besides my parents, said Jagr in a telephone interview with Campbell.

Congratulations and Concerns to David Beckham and AC Milan:

Kaka is one AC Milan player who has appreciated the contributions of David Beckham. Beckham is currently on loan to the Italian side while the MLS is on its winter break. Kaka has claimed that he is happy with Beckham playing on the team and would ask him to make his stay a permanent one. Sounds like another step closer toward Beckhams goal of leaving the MLS and to finally receive recognition to join Englands world cup squad.

The question is, does Milan need Beckham? Beckham still has that kick that many only dream of. Its a trait that will likely stay with him until he grows old and wrinkled. Milan also has to shake up the team a bit after a poor performance in last seasons Serie A campaign, which consequently meant they missed out on a place in the Champions League.

Sounds like a right move for both parties, especially when you consider Milans penchant for acquiring talent rather than developing it..

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