Bird’s-eye view: watching games during a run on the RAWC’s indoor track. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION/PHOTO

As we count down the final days of March, more commonly known as “the week from Hell”, let us take a moment to remember what life was before this awful time. For some, the journey ends here, four (or five or six) years after they first set foot on this campus. For others, it is only beginning.


When you are a student you want the days to go by quickly. You want to fast-forward to the weekend, and then to convocation. But when you reach that final step, you realize how many things there are that you wish you still had time to do. Here we are, nearing the end of another exciting year at UTM. What do you remember?


From late nights at the RAWC watching volleyball or basketball for a free slice of pizza to sipping hot chocolate on the North or South Field watching soccer, rugby, or flag football to catching free t-shirts and giveaways at various events, the answer is—well, everything.


Maybe you watched some Campus Rec games from the RAWC stairs connecting to the Davis Building or from the workout area upstairs. Maybe you put in a team. Maybe you played some pick-up basketball, soccer, badminton, or cricket in Gym C. Maybe you worked out upstairs or joined one of the RAWC’s fitness classes. Maybe you went for a swim in the pool or took a dip in the hot tub. Maybe you watched sports highlights while you worked out on the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike.


Or all of the above, actually.


Regardless of the details, you have been a part of the athletic community whose high standards the staff and students work so hard to maintain. So before we start celebrating our departures, let’s celebrate our successes here at UTM in sports.

UTM competed in 24 U of T intramural sports this year, netting two championship titles and seven finalists. The talent at this campus is truly noteworthy, and the community even more so. We may lose some players to old age, but we are also constantly gaining new ones.


Cheers to a good year and to even better ones to come.


Congratulations to our athletes and students, good luck to the graduates, and welcome to all the newcomers.



Men’s Div 1 rugby (fall)

Men’s Div 1 volleyball (winter)

Women’s tri-campus soccer (winter)



Women’s flag football (fall)

Women’s soccer (fall)

Men’s flag football (fall)

Women’s tri-campus basketball (winter)

Women’s Div 1 basketball (winter)

Men’s Div 1 basketball (UTM Blue)


Men’s tri-campus ice hockey (winter)

Men’s tri-campus cricket (winter)

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