First-year orientation was a can’t-miss event! Presented to students by our favourite enabler, the UTMSU, and proudly sponsored by Popeyes, students were invited to a fun-filled week of on and off-campus debauchery.

With not a sober person in sight, orientation is an event designed to prepare and excite first-year students for future cirrhosis of the liver. For a whole week, freshmen are taken on a guided tour of all the dens of iniquity that the UTM campus has to offer.

On Thursday, the UTM Health Centre handed out free condoms and beer bottle openers, and water bottles were handed out to pre-mix drinks in. Students checked out the Rec Room, got wrecked, and drank so much they got blind drunk at the Blind Duck. And after hours, students carried on the party in Erindale Hall with their new-found best friends for life (or at least until reading week).

Many students singed their lungs for the first time with legal marijuana and enjoyed the kind of edibles that NEVER came with their high school Lunchables.

For an upcharge, students were invited to an exclusive yacht party. The “booze cruise” gave many first-time-away-from-home students the opportunity to finally get away from ma and pa and puke in the lake.

The true leaders of our future are the ones who not only got there by themselves but made it home safe as well. 

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