A suspect for a recent break-and-enter has been charged and is currently being held in custody after an investigation by the UTM Campus Police in collaboration with the Peel Regional Police.

According to Rob Messacar, the manager for the Campus Police, UTM Campus Police were called to a McLuhan residence on February 23rd, after a male was reported to enter two on-campus townhouses through unlocked or open doors. Students reported that many items were taken from their residence unit. The Peel Regional Police, working in collaboration with UTM’s Campus police, identified and charged a suspect with the offences of theft and breaking and entering. The suspect is currently being held in custody.

For general safety purposes, the UTM campus police has reminded everyone to keep all doors and windows securely fastened, even when at home. Individuals living in multi-tenant or residence buildings should take heed of anyone tailgating or following them into the building.

Campus Police did not release the name of the suspect or say if he was a UTM student. Messacar stated that anyone with information about the suspect and robberies should contact Peel Police.

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