U of T tops rankings in research

U of T was named number one for research in 2011 on a list of the top 50 Canadian research universities. The list, released on Tuesday, November 1 by Research Infosource, ranked Canadian universities research based on input, output, and impact indicators. The score is balanced in three different categories: medical/doctoral, comprehensive, and undergraduate.

U of T has held its position since Research Infosource released its first list back in 2001. U of T holds the top position as an expected standard, agreed Jose Sigouin, Rearch Infosource’s research information analysis manager. Sigouin added that it’s “not surprising that U of T would be number one”.

What has boosted U of T’s research and been one of the greatest achievements is the addition of many partnerships.

“The strength of any great university is its connection to the greater community—locally, nationally, and internationally,” wrote professor Catharine Whiteside, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, in the newest edition of Edge Magazine.

Edge Magazine covers research for U of T, and its most recent issue is all about partnerships, which are a major contributing factor for U of T’s research. The issue covers the partnerships associated with the university, including 10 affiliated hospitals (like Sick Kids and St. Michaels hospitals), research institutes (like the Michener Institute), and 20 community partnerships.

U of T earned a combined total score of 99.9 out of a possible 100 points. U of T also placed number one for the medical/doctoral category. Research in this category constitutes the majority of the overall research, earning 81% of the total income in the combined list of the top 50.

The top 50 research universities combined earned a total of $6.5 billion in income from research, an increase of 3.6% from 2009. Of the 50 universities, 33 showed an increase, with only 17 showing a decrease since 2009.

“Research income growth actually outstripped overall economic growth in 2010, which is an encouraging sign,” said Ron Freedmam, the CEO of Research Infosource. In fact, research income rose by 134% over the last decade, Freedman added.

Recently, UTM opened its first medical school: the Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex. When asked about the possible impact of the new building and medical program, Sigouin said, “[I have] no doubt that the opening of the centre will help expand research in U of T, the country and the world.”

Other Toronto universities that found themselves in the list included York, which placed number one in the comprehensive category and 23rd overall, and Ryerson, which placed number one in the undergraduate category and 30th overall.

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