U of T awarded for sexual diversity activism

U of T received the provincial plaque for sexual diversity activism on November 2, for work done by the University of Toronto Homophile Association.

In 2003, Ontario was the first province to legalize gay marriage, breaking the tethers of sexual oppression for same-sex couples.

In 2005, the right to same-sex marriage was added to the Canadian Human Rights act.

The “Out and Proud” campaign first began on October 7, 1974, when 13 students gathered to study for a new course: “New Perspectives on the Gay Experience”. This class spurred many students to think about how the homosexual community can branch out into areas around the school. Over the years, more and more students became aware of the homosexual community’s wants and needs, and a new group was born: the University of Toronto Homophile Association.

UTM also hosts several events and has its own LGBTQ club, Out@UTM.

Groups like Out@UTM have put on several events over the course of the school year, including Queer Orientation.

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