Transit updates planned

UTMSU discusses changes to U-Pass and bus services

UTMSU’s seventh Commission Meeting, held on February 10, discussed updates for transit services, with new bus times and new services for GO Transit and Brampton, Oakville, and Mississauga transit.

According to UTMSU VP internal Bryan Chelvanaigum, 85% of UTM’s population uses the U-Pass.

He said that UTMSU is initiating a U-Pass merger with the International Student Identity Card—which would include photo ID—expected to take place in September.

UTMSU representatives also mentioned plans for introducing Presto technology in the U-Pass, so that students can access both MiWay and Presto services with one card.

Chelvanaigum said that UTMSU is holding meetings with Brampton transit, looking into the possibility of options for Brampton commuters, since the U-Pass is not valid on Zum buses.

On the subject of Oakville-Mississauga transit services, Chelvanaigum said that UTMSU is calling for a new MiWay route to Sheridan College, which would allow UTM students—especially those enrolled in the joint Art and Art History, Drama, and the CCIT programs at Sheridan—to commute without having to pay fare on Oakville transit.

Representatives said that they are specifically calling for bus 101 to take on the new route.

UTMSU is also looking into connecting GO transit to UTM.

Regular meetings between MiWay and UTMSU are also being held to discuss service improvements for the 44 bus at peak times when the bus tends to get full, said Chelvanaigum.

There are also discussions for extending the 110N’s hours, which currently comes to UTM until 10:47 p.m. on weekdays, and which students complain prevents them from staying late on campus to study.

The other topics discussed at the meeting included a campus sexual assault policy.

UTMSU representatives said they will lobby for better cell phone reception on campus, and said they would be implementing training sessions on sexual assault, one of which was scheduled to be held the day following the commission meeting.

Students also expressed their dissatisfaction with food discounts on campus, especially since outlets such as Subway do not accept coupons.

There were also complaints that some places do not accept the T-Card as proof of student status for discounts since it does not show a date for graduation.

Another issue that was raised was the limited space on campus dedicated to students. Attendees and executives did not settle on a solution, but some suggested limiting the library to UTM students.

The next Commission Meeting is to be held in March.

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  1. Most exciting part of the article: “UTMSU […] mentioned plans for introducing Presto technology in the U-Pass” and “is holding meetings with Brampton transit, looking into the possibility of options for Brampton commuters”.

    Hopefully we’ll see some progress before I graduate!

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