From Tuesday to Thursday, campus clubs and academic societies tabled in the Student Centre to recruit new members during the poorly attended Winter Clubs Week.

According to UTMSU’s VP campus life, Grayce Slobodian, the event showcased around 40 clubs and academic societies. Tables were principally set up inside the Presentation Room and in the lobby of the Student Centre, where club and society representatives chatted while waiting for students to trickle into the building.

“Winter Clubs Week is a bit slower every year compared to September’s, but this year I believe there was a lower turnout than usual due to the weather,” said Slobodian.

“It’s just been really bad traffic,” said Edna Bovas, the vice-president of UTM Student Support, a group that helps students develop skills for the job market.

“Unless I was in this club, I wouldn’t have known [about Winter Clubs Week], so maybe it’s just an advertising thing.”

Maryam Khattab, president of the Muslim Students’ Association, one of UTM’s largest clubs, shared Bovas’ sentiments.

Another student, Maheera Akbani, said she avoids Clubs Week “because there’s people pulling and tugging at you, and it’s such a small enclosed space that you kind of feel obliged to give every club your time”.

All three executives agreed that the poor weather conditions were also to blame for the poor turnout.

Slobodian added that UTMSU was also promoting Clubs Week in the Davis Building to increase attendance.

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