Residence Council offers new bursary

A new bursary for incoming residence students in Fall 2012 is in the final stages of implementation. The bursary, founded through collaboration between the Residence Council and UTM Student Housing and Residence Life, will be open to all our students applying for residence, including graduate students, undergraduates, local, out of province, and international students.


Many of the details are yet to be determined, including the exact selection criteria and how much the award will be.


“Students who have applied for residence by June 15, 2012 will be contacted over the summer to inform them of the bursaries, the deadline, and criteria for applying,” said Dale Mullings, the director of residence and student life. He also mentioned that this bursary is a direct result of the efforts of the student Residence Council members on the UTM Student Housing Advisory Committee.


“This kind of leadership that Nana [the current Residence Council president] and her team has taken to create relationships with the Residence Department is unprecedented and is a huge leap in the right direction of what student leaders should all be working towards,” said Aly Madhavji, a Student Governing Council representative and former Residence Council president.


Zhou is also running for one of the full-time positions on the Governing Council and is the only candidate representing UTM.


The last components of the bursary should be determined in March when the budget approval is finalized.

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