On Monday, March 18th, the Square One Shopping Centre held its grand opening for The Rec Room, a massive entertainment and food centre. Covering over 44,000 square feet—larger than the one in downtown Toronto—The Rec Room combines the fun atmosphere of an arcade with a classy restaurant aesthetic that advertises Canadian-inspired cuisine.

The space is organized into various sections, each labelled with an appropriate name. On the main floor, the restaurant seating for “Three10” and sports bar occupy the majority of the area, which has a wide open-concept layout. On the other side, there is an axe throwing section near the coatroom and washrooms, as well as the trophy case—where you’ll find quality prizes to collect after playing at the arcade (also known as “The Yard”). Prize examples include board games, nerf guns, purses, Go-Pro cameras, and Fit Bits.

Even though the extensive arcade with over a hundred games can be found on the bottom floor, there are also a few individual games spread out in the pathways on the main floor, including pool tables near the lounge. To celebrate billiards, the main floor also holds a large, colorful “Mississauga” sign with pool cues included in the design. There are also private dining rooms intended for parties and corporate events on both floors, with tables, chairs, and a TV screens playing an aquarium scene set up.

Downstairs, arcade games spread across the floor with huge screens, neon lights, and beeps at every corner. There is a separate bowling alley, as well as “The Shed” lounge, which serves poutine, fries, beer, cocktails, wine, and donuts. Away from the games, “The Hall” area holds a stage and seating area for future live entertainment, including music, comedy, and more.

The new addition to Square One is definitely a big change for Mississauga. The Rec Room invites you into a fun and classy escape from the everyday suburban grind. Regular hours will begin on Monday, March 25.

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