An investigation is currently underway into vandalism discovered in the Student Centre’s male washroom.

The vandalism appeared in the form of comments promoting rape culture discovered on three public service announcements aimed at ending sexual violence and harassment.

In an emailed memorandum on Thursday afternoon to UTMSU staff and volunteers, Walied Khogali, executive director of UTMSU, attached photos of three public service announcements from the Ontario government’s It’s Never Okay campaign displayed in the male washroom on the ground floor of the Student Centre.

In the images provided by Khogali, one advertisement includes text that reads, “Some guy is taking your drunk friend home with him. You can escort her home or let her crash with you. But if you don’t help her, you’re helping him.”

Vandalism written under the text of the advert reads, “Help him,” while vandalism under another similar advertisement reads, “Help him rape her.” A third PSA included vandalism using the phrase “f— her right in the p—”.

It is currently unknown when the vandalism was discovered and as of press time, the vandalism was removed from the PSAs.

“The comments made are offensive and deplorable,” said Khogali in the memorandum, calling for assistance in reporting individuals found to be involved in vandalism.

In an email on Friday, Khogali also informed The Medium that the advertisements are managed from an outsourced service hired by UTM.

According to Khogali, the vandalism was reported by students and an investigation into the vandalism is currently underway. Portions of the report are expected to be made available to the press once the investigation is complete.

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