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Recent U of T study says PMS may not exist

The latest study churned out from the University of Toronto’s research hivemind has created a large buzz  on social networks. The study, which says PMS may not exist, has  generated an almost zealous response against it.

The news broadcast by CTV News interviewed people who bluntly said the study is wrong, and that female hormones fluctuate, hence the ‘mood swings’. Although the physiological symptoms of PMS, bloating and cramping, are true, Dr. Gillian Einstein says there is no scientific evidence which support the emotional symptoms so many women say they experience. Than how do we explain the widespread belief that PMS is real? The media.

Before women even get their first period, they have heard about PMS. The notion is so ingrained in our culture that some of these studies are actually biased because women know the study is about PMS.

In our interview with the UTM community, we received mixed responses. Some people had no idea what PMS was, and admitted that they were in the dark . One particular student also alluded to what Dr. Einstein said, in that because PMS is so prevalent in our culture, some women just use it out of convenience.

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Mood and the Menstrual Cycle: A Review of Prospective Data Studies

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