After the GTA-wide elections on October 22, Bonnie Crombie will continue as mayor of Mississauga, receiving almost 77 per cent of the population’s vote. Runner-up Kevin J. Johnston finished the elections with 14 per cent.

During her campaign, Crombie promised to advocate for rapid transit on Dundas Street from UTM to Kipling Subway Station. She also promised to continue to support the city’s annual $1 million contribution to UTM, as well as expand on the partnership between UTM and the city.

Incumbent John Tory received approximately 64 per cent of the vote, solidifying his position as mayor of Toronto.

Tory surpassed runner-up Jennifer Keesmaat, who received almost 25 per cent of the vote. During his campaign, Tory committed to keeping Toronto affordable. One of his biggest promises during the campaign was his “SmartTrack” transit plan. According to Global News, the proposal would create an $8 billion, 22-stop “surface subway.”

The track, which Tory says will run all-day, would go all the way from the east end of Mississauga to Unionville, Markham.

“Commuters who live in Scarborough or Etobicoke and work downtown, for instance, who have to transfer from buses onto packed subway platforms, will save 20 or 30 minutes on a one-way trip,” Tory stated in a media release.



Stephen Dasko won Ward 1 with almost 48 per cent of the vote.

Karen Ras won Ward 2 with a landslide 93 per cent.

Chris Fonseca won Ward 3, and received 74 per cent of the vote.

John Kovac won Ward 4 with 53 per cent.

Carolyn Parrish won Ward 5 with 64 per cent of the vote.

Ward 6 incumbent Ron Starr obtained a narrow victory with 36 per cent of the vote.

Dipika Damerla won Ward 7 with 41 per cent of the vote.

Ward 8, which encompasses UTM, was won by incumbent Matt Mahoney after receiving 78 per cent of the vote.

Pat Saito won Ward 9 with 78 per cent of the vote.

Ward 10 went to Sue McFadden after she received 90 per cent of the vote.

George Carlson won Ward 11 with 69 per cent of the vote.

Ward 8

Matt Mahoney, Incumbent councillor for Ward 8, won re-election with a landslide 80 per cent of the vote.

Part of Mahoney’s platform included continuing his support of Crombie’s ‘Making Room for the Middle’ initiative, which aims to keep housing affordable for middle-class families.

Mahoney also hopes to continue working with Peel Regional Police and Crime Stoppers to ensure public safety.



For the University of Toronto Scarborough Ward, incumbent Councillor Neethan Shan lost to Jennifer McKelvie. Mckelvie is a former U of T student and UTSC Campus Council member.

The race was close, with McKelvie receiving 41 per cent of the vote to Shan’s 39 per cent.

According to her website, Mckelvie’s main goal is advocating for “long-term [..] funding for transit infrastructure,” including an Eglinton East Light Rapid Transit (LRT), as well as a 3-stop Scarborough Subway Extension.

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