Last Thursday afternoon saw an array of UTM clubs tables in the Student Centre for UTMSU’s Winter Clubs Day.

Students could come up to the club of their interest, meet the execs, ask questions, and become members.

There were over 30 clubs and academic societies tabling this year, offering music, games, and free goodies to draw visitors.

The new clubs included Islamic Relief UTM, which consists of mainly first-year executives. President Sania Shenwari used the event to get word out about the new group, which is a part of the charity Islamic Relief Canada.

“We want to provide an environment [where] everyone’s social obligations are fulfilled and people respond to the suffering of others,” said Shenwari.

While the opportunity was seen as a way to get new members and showcase club events, executives of the UTM MSA and Free the Children said that they recruited more members at the beginning of the academic year than at this time from among the undergraduates coming in from high school.

“More people [show interest] at the beginning of the year than now,” said Juhika Kapoor, an executive of Free the Children.

Winter Clubs Day is the second major opportunity for students to sign up to be part of campus groups, after Welcome Week in September.

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