UTMSU’s second Multicultural Week, now rebranded as Culture Fest, was held last week with a barrage of national flags, traditional foods, and cultural music.

Following the format of last year’s Multicultural Week, campus activities for the Culture Fest opened with a farmers’ market on Monday and closed with the Cultural Show on Thursday, with outdoor skating on Friday as part of Winternational.

Monday’s farmers’ market saw the Student Centre filled with various booths offering organic fruits, vegetables, international teas, honeys, and maple syrup.

Tuesday saw a smaller turnout than Monday, but featured students dressed and dancing in traditional garbs. Among the clubs present were the Egyptian Student Association, the Canadian Asian Student Society, and the Muslim Students’ Association.

On Wednesday, the Student Centre was filled up with students in anticipation of Food Day. Flags from countries around the world hung from the walls and treats from a variety of cultures were handed out.

Among the clubs present were the Hindu Student Council, the Erindale Italian Club, and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

Several different clubs participated in the Cultural Show on Thursday in IB, including the Musical Theatre Club, Caribbean Connections, and Erindale Punjabi Association. Also present was guest performer and Canadian-based singer Karl Wolf.

UTMSU VP campus life Russ Adade said that the reason behind having Karl Wolf as the guest performer was because his music has a universal quality to it as he pays homage to different cultures in his songs.

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