Several University of Toronto Mississauga student-led organizations organized a relief drive to assist with the devastation caused in the Caribbean Islands by Hurricane Irma, from October 2nd to October 5th.

UTM Athletic Council, Caribbean Connections, Latin America Students Association, and the OCAA women’s basketball team collaborated to collect canned goods, toiletries, and essential supplies for the victims of the hurricane.

“People were incredibly generous. Especially with short notice. As a community we came together and quickly reacted. I think its great that a small campus, a small community like UTM can do their part in helping the Caribbean Islands,” stated Andres Posada, the president of LASA in an email to The Medium.

The group collected over a dozen sacks of donations in one week, which were then taken to a drop-off spot in Brampton by members of Caribbean Connections. Posada did not specify if the drop-off spot is run by an outside organization or what communities will be receiving the donations.

LASA is planning on holding a relief drive for the victims of the destructive earthquake that took place in Mexico last month.

“We want to send them our support and help. We have many Mexicans in our community and we all sympathize and want to help,” Posada stated.

LASA’s VP of marketing, Cesar Lozano, said that “people were very interested in helping out with the cause, their donations will help a lot of folks down in the Caribbean. It’s these things that make you have faith in humanity, and I feel grateful with all of those who contributed.”

The Medium was unable to reach representatives from Caribbean Connections, the OCAA women’s basketball team, and UTMAC as of press time.

LASA is currently looking for volunteers to assist with their relief efforts. Collection dates for the next drive are yet to be announced.

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