Christian Unity Week at UTM

The fourth UTM Christian Unity Week (CUW) took place this past week from January 19 to January 22 in and around the Student Centre. Well-organized and well advertised, the week, organized by the Christian Unity Association (CUA), included many interesting attractions that were wellreceived by UTM students.

Outside of the Student Centre, many volunteers selflessly braved the cold in order to warm up their fellow students, handing out over 800 cups of hot chocolate. Free pizza was also on the offering every lunch hour.

Throughout each day, many thought-provoking movies were played in the Presentation Room, including Amazing Grace, The Hiding Place, and Passion of the Christ. Many interested students picked up free DVDs and books as well as free Bibles in English and other languages.

This years CUW also incorporated a new initiative — supporting a charity called Christian Blind Mission. The money that was earned will go towards giving sight to blind people in third world countries. A cataract surgery for an adult costs only $33 — a small price to pay to give someone sight and enable them to support a family. UTM students were incredibly generous, and by the end of the week $1,522.93 was raised.

On Thursday, a talent show was held in the South Building as a way of wrapping up the week. On show were students playing various instruments and performing songs, as well as a variety of contests and games.

The executive members of CUA who spearheaded the planning of CUW are Kenny Lee, Jonathan Wahab, Karen Krause, Randy Schliemann, Grace Koh, Satheis Tharmeswajakan, Andrew Samuel and Deepa Tailor. In addition, Pastor Scott Plavnick of Baptist Student Ministries loyally served as the advisor, helping with whatever was needed. These are not the only people who helped out during CUW; many others sacrificed their time and energy to serve the UTM campus this week, said Kenny Lee.

According to the CUA, Christian Unity Week is not where it ends. There is much more to look forward to this semester and next year. At the end of every month, there is a worship night for people who are interested in learning more about Christianity, and praising God. After the songs of praise, various speakers are often scheduled to share their thoughts with students. Last semester, two players and an assistant coach from the Toronto Argonauts came to discuss football, why they believe in God and how Jesus has worked in their lives.

If you are interested in learning more about these activities, or would like to get involved in any of the other Christian clubs on campus, visit their website at http:// www. /home.html.

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