The University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union held its Academic Advocacy Week last week, where it advertised opportunities for students to meet their professors and student societies, in an effort to educate then on their rights within U of T.

According to the unions Facebook event page, the week provided students the opportunity to  “learn the necessary academic skills needed to succeed on the UTM campus.”

The student union tested and educated students about academic integrity through an interactive booth located outside of the Student Centre. The information at the info booth reviewed policies such as how using a laptop in class is in fact not a student right, whereas students have a right to refuse Turnitin.

Whereas  the “Meet your Professors” event on Wednesday was attended by only two UTM professors and was cut short due to the low attendance, the concluding barbecue event on Thursday featured the highest attendance comparatively.

UTMSU’s vice-president university affairs and academics, Maya Tomkiewicz, did not return The Medium’s request for comment regarding the turnout of the week, and what the union hoped to gain from the events.

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