Taking photos for us

This article is an introduction to taking photos for us as a volunteer.



Who do I talk to to get started? When can I start?

Send an email to photos@themedium.ca! State your name and a contact email address you check regularly and our photo editor will set up a casual interview for us to get to know you better (and vice versa). Basically, we’re trying to get a feel for what assignments interest you the most and what you are comfortable doing.

Once that’s done, our photo editor will send out weekly assignments to all our photographers on a first-come first-serve basis.


What kind of skills do I need? How much experience?

A basic understanding of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and composition (such as rule of thirds). There are many resources and guides online, and your camera manual would have the specific location on where to adjust these settings on your camera.


Do I need to commit for the full year?

Absolutely not, though there are some perks if you regularly contribute. These include becoming a staff photographer and a headshot for your author page on the website (perfect to link to for your portfolio!).


How long do I have to stay at an event? Can’t I just take the photo and leave?

Stay as long as you need to get the shots you think best represent the event, and then some (such as multiple angles, and photos). However, please practice etiquette when entering and leaving events. Try to move around when there are breaks to get different angles.


What do I do after taking the pictures? How do I submit them to the photo editor?

Each editor will have their preferred method; some may want to FTP the photos, others may ask to just email your top 5 photos. Either way, please be sure the photos are a full-size .JPG format and not .RAW.


Should I edit my photos before sending them to you?

Please do not edit the photos! We strive to keep the photos as close to the original as possible, and at most we apply “darkroom” edits such as colour balance and saturation. Never, never, never use the cloning tool!


Do I get paid? Do I at least get credit? When and where?

Unfortunately, this is not a paid position; however, you will be credited both online and in print for the photos you take. And if you regularly contribute, you can become a staff photographer and have a photo for your online author page. The author page is great for your resume or portfolio since it showcases all your work at the newspaper.

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