UTM’s treasure

Enjoy this short journey through UTM's oldest jewel

When people mention UTM, they imagine a campus nestled in forest, overthrown with deers. But we are much more than that, we are a campus in-tune with our surroundings, from the rooftop green room in the South Building Davis Building to the McGrath Valley garden. Even the construction around us will soon give way to facilities equipped to the most minute of details (low-power handicap doors). These are the reasons why we can differentiate ourselves from the other two campus’.

photoBut another old jewel is quickly becoming forgotten in the midst of new construction: UTM’s nature trail.

Exactly how old is this jewel? Beside you’ll see the cover issue of the Erindalian, what we were called before The Medium, dating back to 1973. There you will see a photo of the trail, and the Davis Building back when it was new.

The video above is only a teaser of what to expect, and really does no justice. While it’s somewhat bearable outside, be sure to take a walk to fully enjoy what UTM has to offer. The entrance to the trail is located down Principal’s road by the cul-de-sac to the right.


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