The UTM Debating Club is introducing a new debating game that intends to bring UTM students together.

Previously, the Debating Club hosted mock MUN competitions and debating exercises, but according to (Debate League Mississauga’s director of finance and academics), the DLM is unlike anything attempted before at UTM or by the Debating Club. This is the first event that aims to bring all departments under one roof in order to engage with one another.

Rizwan and her team have signed up twelve departments from UTM, each of which will be represented by four departmental members. Two members from each department will debate for 30 minutes, while the other two members provide support and research.

The format of the game is as follows: three minutes allocated to speakers, one minute for rebuttals, and two minutes for moderator questioning. Each win collects three points, a loss is zero points, and a tie is worth one point.

Each department will compete in 11 home games (topics in favour of the hosting department) and 11 away games (topics in favour of the opposing department). The purpose of home and away games is to eliminate any concern that one department will be more well-versed in a debate topic than their opponent.

Although the names of the judges aren’t final, Rizwan assured that moderators will consist of a fair panel of 10 Debate Club members, the Debate League Mississauga board of directors, and experts from each department. The games will also incorporate audience opinions when making decisions.

win prizes such as “Best Speaker”.

Students interested in participating should look for emails sent by their departments. The debates will be open to the public, including individuals outside of UTM.  Applications are being accepted, and the games will be held in late October to March, not limited to weekdays.

Tournament dates will be released soon by the DLM.

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