Relax, take it easy

As finals are approaching, students need to live by the catchy house song and “relax, take it easy.” Here are some tips senior students have shared on how to destress before writing their final papers and exams.

I like chewing gum during an exam. It helps me relax and focus on the task ahead.
– Sarah Severino, third-year business student.

Get to bed early—that is my motto. A good night’s rest will help give you a fresh start when either writing a paper or an exam. Try to sleep for at least eight hours. You won’t learn anything if you’re cramming at four a.m.
– Vanessa Michielli, third-year geography student.

Don’t leave everything to the last minute. Procrastination is everyone’s worst enemy. Try to kick that habit and you will definitely be less stressed.
– Angela Barranca, third-year history student.

Practice, practice, practice. If you know the test will have many multiple choice questions, then practice multiple choice questions.
– Brookyln Chang, psychology major.

The best advice I can give is “know your stuff.” Study the material and you won’t be nervous. When you have tried your best working through the material, then most likely the outcome will reflect your hard work.
– Ana Maria Kudeljnjak, fourth-year English student.

I enjoy going for walks and exercising, especially in the morning. It relieves all forms of stress.
– Diana Condeco, fourth-year history student.

You have to take breaks while studying. I work for two hours and then take a one-hour break. It helps to relieve a little bit of the nerves and allows me to refocus.
– Michelle Vinci, third-year linguistics student.

I manage my time properly. If I have a lot of things due at once, I figure out a time schedule to do my work.
– Chantal Cipriano, third-year Italian student.

I take the time to do something I really enjoy—read a short story, blast some music, play a short online game. It`s relaxes me, and I`m up for more studying after that.
– Su Lyn Liew, fourth-year PWC student

With the school year quickly ending, students are starting to feel exhausted and nervous about the countless nights required to study for finals. If you are feeling stressed, try some of these techniques and hopefully your fear of finals will vanish. Also, learn some breathing and stretching technique and listen to music during study breaks to help calm those nerves.

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