The Blind Duck’s pizza beats the pizza specialists Pizza Pizza.

The Blind Duck changed their menu last year, and among new additions is the new of introduction of pizza. When I tried the pizza, I was pleasantly surprised by the generous quantity, six small slices and a fountain drink for $5.99.
The flavour of the pizza is far better than what’s offered at Pizza Pizza. With just the right amount of cheese and sauce on their dough, the Blind Duck pizza is made to satisfy any hungry student. The sauce is an authentic Italian tasting tomato sauce, and accompanied by fresh mozzarella, it’s absolutely delicious.
You can also get their vegetarian pizza or pepperoni for an extra buck. The pizza is made for one, but can easily be shared among friends as an appetizer.
I would warn you that sometimes when you get to the register that they’ve run out of pizza but, that’s not surprising because it’s on such high demand. Pizza Pizza, on the other hand, may always have pizza ready, but it can sometimes be disappointing because their pizza can be stale and taste like it has been out all day.
The Blind Duck staff is always kind and courteous to its customers. Although sometimes a bit slow it’s always fresh and I can’t think of any other place on campus that serves better tasting food.

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  1. “Authentic Italian tasting tomato sauce”? I would feel ripped off if I bought that pizza. I want ‘authentic Italian sauce’ not something that authentically tastes like it! Don’t you see the problem here?

    And seriously, what’s authentic and what isn’t, and what’s the difference? They’re all tomatoes, probably genetically modified.

    Fresh mozzarella? Can this be possible? Is there a cow somewhere near by?

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