Creative Corner, November 4

Here’s a Creative Corner round-up of three poems.


Santiago Botero

Like a wandering animal,
alone in a concrete jungle so admirable,
striving to be adaptable,
trying to become acceptable,
noise makes me prone,
for the search of love,
through the crowded streets,
I will always walk alone,
for the perfect woman one day will come,
and for her,
an eternity I will always stay alone.


Rachel Lee-Thomas

I think it’s when you start to notice
the small things again.

Crickets after dark,
birds after light.

It’s when you realize that the
darkness has been there too long,
when you notice you can no longer explain what’s wrong,
when the doctors tell you that you cannot go on,
and the mornings come faster than your body can calm.

These fragile fragments of
inescapable truth.
Hunt after midnight and scorn these youths.

But life is a book, so learn to read.
Counting on fingers, recite with ease.
Smiling is important.
So remember that, please.
Forgetting the last time I could utter,
“I’m free.”

The Princess and the Toad

Rachel Lee-Thomas

Cold mattresses line the floor.
Hard wood heaven and linoleum life.

Plastic surgeon metaphor.
Insert your favorite quote.
Like the rain has called before.
Grab the antidote.

Heating like a synagogue.
Folding like a prayer.
Tongue tied and a princeless frog,
overbearing stares.

Silence comes at last, they say,
when all good is said and done.
Hopeless we are lonely hearts.
Forgotten how to run.

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