Solar Lunacy

Visions of a time gone by

the world funnels into a greater gyre

of widening madness;

Hypnosis, blindness, the perception

of things as they were

A blank emptiness of


sorcerized into something

Union of Father, Mother, Son

The sun of god, who is Thought

judged all things to be

fabricated an in-lie-TEN-Con-ment

of intellectual rank and monstrosity

We all wonder why we lose our freedom

As we get freer in the ways of the 3D

Breast and womb

of the whirling globe

A global blackout trance—

Spires; we panic


Hallucinated by the shock

& awe

of the Shekinah—

a pillar of Phi-Ray buy


A coulomb of smoke

in day-side

Sunlight rises;

an order is commanded

Thoth wakes, hexes us

with a key of love

& hate, fear & guilt

While a ray of lies

Pierces the roses

of Zer0


then, He Rose

with a New Clear Daze

Fractured, amplified, magnified

Our souls and rays

Shards the night

of the monster of the

Cow on the moon

In the age of



Chaos soaks us of awareness

Stay in the moment

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