Love and lasers

You sat discontented—well I know,
As I killed that grunt with an SMG.
And theres no surpassing your eyes glow
So despite the coolness of Halo 3
I wrote this little verse to show
Just how much you mean to me

The way your hair waves in the breeze,
Like a HORNET lowering for a kill
Or bringing a SCARAB to its knees,
Defies all of my poetic skill.
Youre cooler than Miranda Keyes,
And your laugh is far more a thrill
Than a headshot swift and clean,
And a fair few I have seen.

Speaking of headshots, how cool would it be
To hang out with Master Chief one day?
Or the guys from ODST?
Anyway, Ill end this poem and say
I love Halo, but I love you too,
And Id give it all up if you asked me to.

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