Castle of sand

I had built a castle of sand in my dream

Not any less than truth did it seem

I painted the walls with the colour white

And a candle became the source of light

The castle seemed to me like heaven on earth

My soul was given another chance, a new birth

And so I spent years in this castle filled with love

Then one day, an angel came from the skies above

He told me that I had to wake up and live in reality

My eyes were filled with tears and lost clarity

I could not imagine a world outside the castle

In a moment, there was a storm that put out the candle

The bricks of the castle started to fall apart

It felt as if someone stabbed my heart

I closed my eyes and felt the depth of my pain

And wished to never open my eyes again

I gave up hope and shed my last drop of tear

The angel came close and whispered in my ear

“Think of it as a blessing, not a fall,

The truth is not so bitter after all.”

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