Real shopaholics don’t get movie deals. Just debt. Lots of debt.

During the Christmas break, thousands of people squeezed into shopping malls and shopped until they dropped for the perfect holiday gift. With the extra holiday hours, stores were filled with everyone from young to old. Even though places were extra-busy due to the holiday season, shopping malls continue to be bombarded with people all year round.

Many people can relate to the movie Shopaholic, in which Isla Fisher plays a young woman addicted to shopping. Some people can’t admit that they have a shopping addiction, but the first step is admitting to the illness. And that’s why I’m writing this article—to help you save a little more money (after all, we’re starving students) and to give you the power to say “no” the next time you walk by a lovely pair of designer shoes (that you don’t need!).

Do you have to buy at least one thing when you go shopping? If you can’t find anything to buy do you get anxious? Do you buy things that you don’t need and that just end up collecting dust? Do you get a sick thrill when you first open the doors to a mall? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, you’re an addict!

Now that you have accepted that you’re a shopaholic, you can now do something about it. Get a detox.

Do not under any circumstances go into a mall. Cut up your credit cards, and hide your debit card. If you somehow find yourself at a mall, try to bring a friend with you, so they can stop you from relapsing into a shopaholic.

Remember that if you continue to shop until you drop, you will only end up with piles of bills, and a taxman/stalker ringing off your phone. So get out of debt now—stop shopping and get into rehab! Yes, you!

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