AIESEC, formerly known as the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences, is an organization which works to find internship opportunities for students on campus.

Present in over 110 countries, AIESEC offers over 10,000 annual leadership opportunities to students and is new to UTM.

“Since UTM does not have any club/organization that operates on such a large scale and deals with sending students out for internships (mostly paid) in different

countries in varied fields, we felt that AIESEC would enrich and diversify the student experience her in UTM,” said Lenville D’sa.

Internships are available globally in four fields, managerial, technical, educational, and developmental. AIESEC members can work under their respective portfolios including, Corporate Relations, Communications, Talent, Management, and Outgoing Exchange.

“Currently, we are operating on a full-fledged scale and have portfolio meetings every week. We plan to end the semester on a good note by taking part in a General Assembly in UTSG on Friday, April 1 and going out for an AIESEC-UTM social- dinner on Saturday,” said D’sa.

AISEC will be recruiting new members in September. Students can email AISEC at or visit their website

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