UTMSU overcame adversity at Frosh

Can’t help but feel we were shortchanged

Dear Editor,

Reading the cover page articles of the Medium last week, I couldn’t help but feel like UTMSU was being portrayed in a bad light. I felt like the Medium didn’t focus on what should have been a better story by showing how UTMSU overcame adversity, but chose to focus on the OCs and every other small issue that occurred during the planning for Orientation Week.

Firstly I’d like to put to bed any notions that the executive team might be unreasonable in their actions. I have worked at the union for over 2 months and in that period of time I can say to you that I haven’t seen anyone being screamed at. Neither have any of the executives created an environment where any employee or volunteer or student will feel demeaned.

Having been involved in helping plan Orientation Week and lending a helping hand during the week, I would like to commend the executives, committee members, and leaders for stepping up to the plate and making Orientation Week the success that it was.

I understand it’s the right of the paper to let the people know everything that goes on but I feel it is also the right of the people to know the truth and hear a particular story from every perspective.

Ebi Agbeyegbe
Associate to the VP external
UTM Students’ Union

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