The Monday that the new edition…

Dear Editor,

The Monday that the new edition of The Medium came out, I went crazy. You know why? Because at least five of my “Ultimate Dreams for the Improvement of the School Newspaper” came true when I saw the cover. Oh, the cover! UTM students have many talents, modelling included. I’m glad that now all these different areas of potential of the student body are being tapped into like a newly discovered oil reserve. Excellent work! Kudos to the people responsible for layout, as they seem to have finally eschewed any remnants of their former conservatism in favour of a bold new cover.

Saaliha, people who have never picked up the newspaper before are flipping through the covers! Hurray for literacy… hurray for school spirit! I honestly think that you guys as a team should do more avant-garde things, and you’ve got everything you need for it: youth and enthusiasm. University should really be a testing ground for new things… it’s like we are living in a test tube, in a sense, and by virtue of your position, you can choose to be the mad (or not so mad) genius, if you so choose.

The tract-length Letter to the Editor which appeared two issues ago covers it all: five steps for improvement; five steps towards perfection. If you attend to one step at a time, I believe (if my calculations are correct) the paper will reach a state of near-perfection by the time the school year is done.

Saaliha, I’ve got great hopes vested in both you and the team. Please, please, please release your inner Andy Warhol! I will be eagerly looking forward to more reasons to go crazy over issue 14.


Valeria Ryrak

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