Positive Bistro experience

Dear Editor,


I know this isn’t exactly “newsworthy”, but I wanted to write to someone about a compliment. Today I went to eat at the new building, Deerfield Hall. I bought a gluten-free brownie (in a package) and found mold inside. I went back to tell the staff—I wanted to make sure that someone else didn’t eat the moldy product.

I went back to my seat and a few moments later, the Chef, Sandeep (I hope I get his name right), came up to me and asked to speak with me. He said that he was tremendously sorry and would call the manufacturer, and then offered to buy me lunch because he didn’t want me to start off the year on a bad foot.

A lot of times, people complain about the smallest issues. I wanted to share a compliment about the generosity of Sandeep and how thoughtful I felt his gesture was. I’m sure you have written and will write about the new building and its services. As for me, I am quite happy with his service.

I have been a student for five years. (Yes, I will graduate this year—finally!). And I have never felt such appreciation.

He definitely deserves recognition. Even if it seems small—he clearly cares about the food and the students.


Thank you,

Bianca Nagy

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