No need for a special code

Dear Editor,

While editing the article “I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger” in this week’s issue, I noticed a comment about chivalry not being dead yet. While I have (almost) nothing against a medieval code of conduct that highlights “bravery, courtesy, honour, and gallantry toward women”, according to the dictionary, the last point on that list is outdated.

Not that men shouldn’t treat women with respect; there just shouldn’t be a special code for respecting women as opposed to one for treating fellow human beings as such. Sure, most people would accuse me of pointing out the obvious. But as seen in the article, there are at least some students who believe there’s nothing wrong with coddling women into walking further from roads than their male companions or opening all doors for them.

Would most males find it acceptable for a female to pay for 80% of the meals they share, or would they find it ridiculous? I sure hope it’s the latter.

Olga Tkachenko

Copy Editor

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