Board of director’s statements


I am running for a position on The Medium’s board of directors to personally support creativity, expression, inclusivity and equity. As a member of the board, I intend to bring my experience and passionate way of being to an admirable organization that is a foundational part of our university.


This is an opportunity to apply the skills I learn, and refine the knowledge I gain through my program (DEM), to support an organization I believe in, and the people within it. This is an opportunity to work and grow together! I bring effective communication, integrity and efficiency, all within a context of collaboration.

My time as a team leader at Mentor Discover Inspire (MDI) gave me the opportunity to hone my ability to ‘lead leaders’, and helped me understand the importance of collective effort and leadership to the success of an organization. I look forward to a new opportunity to serve a community that is so important to me and many others.



Hello! My name is Cesar Lozano, I am a third year student in Commerce specializing in Marketing with a major in Economics. I am running for a place in the Medium’s board of Directors because I feel this is a unique opportunity to give back to our campus.

I believe I can be a voice that is informed and knowledgeable of its own community, and that understands the student perspective. Drawing experience from my involvement as a Don in the Residence Department and executive positions with the Innovation Association and the Latin American Students’ Association, I have gotten the chance to develop my ability to apply classroom concepts in real life, teaching me how to be a better team player, leader and problem solver.

I am excited to work alongside the Medium’s team and learn more about the newspaper business. Let’s help The Medium keep being the voice for our current generation of students, just as it has been for the many that passed and the more that are to come.

Thank you!



My name is Harris Bajes Watkins, I am a third-year student in the Political Science Specialist program and I am running to serve on The Medium’s Board of Directors for the 2018/2019 academic school year.

I am seeking this position because I want to assist in ensuring the long-term viability of The Medium. As someone who believes in the power of media as a tool of expression for all, The Medium serves a vital (and, albeit, under-appreciated) role on the UTM campus as a

disseminator of important information to the student body and faculty alike. If elected, I am sure to dedicate my time to all matters and responsibilities of the role as a member of the Board for The Medium, while simultaneously contributing my writing abilities for

reporting news when possible. I seek to earn the trust of all those I work with in my goal of ensuring that The Medium remains a free, open, and sustainable information source for everyone

at the University of Toronto Mississauga!



As an avid reader and student at UTM, I appreciate The Medium for the outlet it provides for student interests. From the entertaining to serious, The Medium is a needed complement to the purely academic side of university life. My passion for journalism and literature is longstanding having co-founded my high-school newspaper. In addition, pursuing a business degree has granted me insight into the fundamental financial and legal concepts vital to the management of any organization. Specifically, my understanding of financial statements, and business practices differentiates me from my fellow candidates. Moreover, my program has given me an in depth understanding of the role the Board of Directors plays in the successful growth of an organization. I pride myself on being detail-oriented and enjoy broadening my perspective through new endeavours. To apply the skills I have developed over my time at UTM toward a cause I strongly value would be a privilege.  My experiences and enthusiasm lead me to believe in my ability to contribute to the growth of The Medium, and in turn, UTM.



I have a variety range of interests.  Music (keyboard), Photography, Swimming, Travel, Culture and Writing top the list.

I am very fortunate to come from a close-knit family, which values academic, culture, volunteering the most and also support and encourages us to experiment and develop our talents & skills.  Academically, I have participated in a number of event – such as Waterloo math competition and received awards. In the extracurricular, my band “Margalla Kid’s Blizt” was the runners up in the Interschool “Battle of the Bands”.  Photographing for the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) my photo on “pollution” won a prize.  I will be playing (music) at the University of Toronto (Pakistan Students Association) event in October 2018.  Coming to Canada has been especially great for me. I sharpened my photography skills in a course at the Living Art Center, Mississauga; and advanced my art/design skills in “Photoshop” at the Seneca College. In music I am currently working with my brother on reviving old hits, using a mix of western and eastern instruments, and the modern computer Audi-visual technologies.

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