As Residence Council President…

Dear Editor,

As Residence Council President I decided to give back my full honorarium.  The reason why I decided to do this is because we ran tight on our budget because our 3 years of prior audits that we had to get completed which were very costly and a large debt accumulated from prior years.  The money that I am returning will help fund UTM Arts Festival which is a very large event at UTM that currently does not have enough funding, for a charitable poker tournament, and to help fund bursaries for students who cannot afford to go to our year end Residence Formal.  I believe that students pay a lot for university, including international students who pay through the roof.  They do not expect council executives to get paid, and that is why I returned this amount.  Also we have pending changes to our constitution to make these positions fully volunteer in the future.  As Residence Council President I have spent over 60 hours every week dedicated to make the Residence student experience better.  We have created new shuttle bus times for next year and also have a sushi chef every weekday in OPH preparing lunch.  Our council hopes that students really appreciate the dedication Residence Council has made to students.


Aly-Khan Madhavji

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