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Dear Editor,

Re: “A house divided cannot stand”.

I am the medical student that was mentioned in the November 14 letter to the editor. First and foremost, I just wanted to apologize to the students who I met last week in the Health Sciences Complex. It was never my intention to make them feel excluded, and I am very sorry if they felt that way. I was misinformed about the space usage situation that day, which has now been cleared up by the administration at the Mississauga Academy of Medicine. I entirely understand your intentions to explore the new building.

Furthermore, I speak for the Academy in saying please feel free to come and speak with us regarding the new building, if you have any questions about medicine, or if you simply find the weather incredibly interesting and are looking to discuss precipitation patterns. We’d love to chat! We’ve begun to make contact with the UTM Pre-Med club, among other clubs, to see where we could be of use in terms of outreach. So keep an eye out for us on campus. We’ll be the students with the blue backpacks who look like they have not had sufficient sleep in weeks.

Again, please accept our utmost and sincere thanks for welcoming us to be a part of your long-standing community.

Tara He


  1. “It was never my intention to make them feel excluded”

    Sorry, but wasn’t that exactly your intention when you told them they weren’t allowed to be up there?

    Just out of curiosity, how does one tell apart pre-med and non pre-med students just by looking at them?

  2. As another student in the medical class I would like to apologize again for the foolish behaviour of my classmate. We welcome any and all students to our building and encourage you to chat with us whenever you see us around (we all have matching blue backpacks…nerdy we know). We are only 54 students at the medical campus in Mississaua and so as you can imagine we are able to easily recognize each other; which to address your point is how it is easy to tell a “pre-med from a med student” (aside from the backpacks).

    We are all quite ashamed that this happened, but commend the student for voicing her opinion and standing her ground. Those are commendable qualities and we hope that you may all still extend us the warm UTM welcome we have received so far and allow us to be part of this exciting community. We are happy to be here – and cant think of a better place to make our home.

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