In solidarity

Dear Editor,

After reviewing last week’s edition of The Medium, I could not help but to reply to some inaccuracies that the article “Has Campaigning Began before the Elections” had.
Firstly, it’s no surprise that I sought advice from my colleagues and peers as to whether I should consider nominating myself for a position in UTMSU, just like every other candidate did. When one makes a big decision in life, it is common practice to seek the advice of people, people who have more experience or people who you have respect for. That is what I did; I wanted to know what my peers thought about my candidacy—just like every running candidate did. That is all that happened. I agree completely with my colleague that any student who wants to run should run, and that is why a record amount of nominations have been submitted this year for the 2010 Student Union elections. We should all applaud the candidates for seeking a position within the union to better improve its services, campaigns and advocacy.

Secondly, I have not attended a single Elections and Referenda Committee meeting since October. I resigned from the Elections and Referenda Committee meeting six hours after it had occurred because I had a poetry night planned to raise money for Haiti. I do not know where The Medium received this misleading information, but a simple phone call would have cleared that up.

I do not want to argue about these discrepancies of facts; I would like to move on. However, I hope The Medium digs a little deeper before reporting rumors as facts. I am proud to have submitted my nomination package for a position within UTMSU, because I believe that the only way we can fight for students’ rights is if we are united. Residence fees, parking fees and meal plan fees were all increased this year because students were fighting students. We need to work as a collective in the best interests of students, with one voice. That is the only way we will be able to affect change, not only on our campus, but in our society.

Lastly, I would like to remind you all that UTMSU will be hosting our first ever midterm destressor (because exams are not the only time we are stressed!) on March 2, at 7 p.m. We will be in the CCIT Atrium giving out subs, coffee and juice to prep you for a long night of studying ahead.
I look forward to speaking to each and every one of you if my nomination is accepted and to answer any questions you may have.

In solidarity,
Vickita Bhatt

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