VRScout, one of the world’s largest interactive media companies, brings people the latest news about Virtual Reality. The VRScout team produces a podcast every week to provide updates on the latest technologies and research. They emphasise VR and its implementation in our daily lives, not just for entertainment, but also for everyday tasks.

Malia Probst hosts the podcast. In her latest episode, Probst underscored recent research in VR, specifically from the National University of Singapore. Last year, a group of researchers created the sensation of flavour while the VR subject chews. Now, the same researchers produced a device called Ambiotherm that simulates the sensation of heat on a person’s body.

Probst uses plenty anecdotes in her podcasts. Complaining about her “terrible eyesight,” she takes the listener on another journey to San Francisco, where a company called Vivid Vision uses the cutting-edge technology in VR to correct amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye. Before VR, amblyopia was incurable after a certain age. With VR, Vivid Vision can correct lazy eye at almost any age.

In one segment of Probst’s podcast, she explores VR growth and inventions throughout the world. In the most recent episode, Probst focused on companies like IMAX that are bringing VR to the public. Companies like these are important for mainstream awareness of VR, as not many people are familiar with the technology.

VRScout’s podcast explores the innovative technology of VR, including new products, companies, and research.

VRScout posts a new podcast on their website every week.

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