1) The Boys: In a world where superheroes are a commodity—a rag-tag bunch of nobodies, each personally affected by the ‘Supes,’ work together to save themselves from the blood-thirsty Superhero-run company, Vaught.

Starring: Chase CrawfordKaren FukuharaErin MoriartyAntony StarrJack QuaidKarlUrban

Season: 2

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Fun Fact: Seth Rogen produces the show, and it’s filmed in Ontario.

2) The Umbrella Academy: A funky series about a dysfunctional family with superpowers, forced to reunite and save the world after their father dies.

Starring: Ellen PageTom HopperAidan GallagherKate Walsh.

Season: 2

Where to Watch: Netflix

Fun Fact: They film some of it at U of T, near Lash Miller Laboratories.

3) Young Wallander: A Swedish show about a recently graduated, exceptionally smart police officer and the crimes he must endure within his first few years on the job.

Starring: Richard DillaneAdam Pålsson

Season: 2

Where to Watch: Netflix and CBC Gem

Fun fact: It’s based on a book series by Swedish author Henning Mankell.

4) Lovecraft Country: A haunting show that follows a Black man and his journey to get his own property. Set during the 1960s, his journey follows the real-life horrors of racism while also fighting otherworldly horrors.

Starring: Jessie SmollettMichael. K. WilliamsJonathan MajorsCourtney B. Vance

Season: 1

Where to Watch: Crave (HBO)

Fun Fact: This is one of the few TV shows with a majority Black cast. It’s based on a book of short stories from H. P. Lovecraft, who’s known for being a notorious racist.

5) Trickster: Supernatural and social issues collide in the world of Jared, an Indigenous teenager. This show explores the pressures of growing up as an Indigenous person in Canada, combined with the supernatural which soon becomes an obstacle Jared must face.

Starring: Joel OuletteCraig LauzonCrystle Lightning.

Season: 1

Where to Watch: CBC/CBC Gem

Fun Fact: Michelle Latimer, an Indigenous woman, directs and produces this CBC series. The show also features a majority Indigenous cast, a feat that few shows in Canada can match. Trickster premiered at TIFF. 

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