The Cine-Files

The Cine-Files is a weekly podcast hosted by Steve Morris and John Rocha. Morris is a filmmaker and directing instructor. Rocha is a voice-over artist and host on Collider Video.

In the podcast, both hosts choose a film and discuss its production history, themes, and legacy in the industry. There is a myriad of reasoning behind the selection, such as important anniversaries of film history. For example, In the Heat of the Night (1967), the fiftieth anniversary of the film’s release was a subject of focus. Morris and Rocha would then proceed to converse about a film, particularly in terms of the plot and interjecting facts about the production, or how it shaped the film industry. In an episode on The Shining (1980), Stanley Kubrick’s directing techniques are discussed, along with his obsession of making the actors retake many scenes.

The highlight of the podcast is the conversational chemistry between Morris and Rocha. Morris provides a more technical voice to the podcast. He provides information regarding filmmaking techniques, while Rocha delves more into the emotional significance of the film. This blend of perspectives, with an underlying laid-back approach, provides an enjoyable and informative discussion for the listener.

Recently, the hosts dedicated four episodes to a film that has been considered the greatest film ever made: Citizen Kane (1941) by Orson Welles. Having watched Citizen Kane for the first time recently, I was not as impressed by it as I expected to be. However, listening to Morris’ explanation about the revolutionary techniques Welles used, my outlook on the film has changed. The podcast acts as a film school for listeners wanting to expand their appreciation of a particular film.

In certain episodes, guests are included who have a special connection to the film. In their discussion of Blade Runner (1982), Access Hollywood’s Scott Mantz provides insight on the mystery of the film’s plot and its unique development from box office bomb to sci-fi cult classic. Additionally, Joe Mantegna, star of the television show Criminal Minds, is also a guest sharing his love for The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938).

Charlie Chaplin’s silent film Modern Times (1936) and Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo (1961) have been highlighted in the podcast. With a focus more on classic film, The Cine-Files provides an opportunity for listeners to study important films in history they may never have been aware of.

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