The ABCs of CMW

Colin Munroe: Kid likes the auto-tune effect more than T-Pain likes silly hats. And the auto-tune effect.

Dub Trio: The name of their band is about as imaginative as the premise of this article.

Econoline Crush: Big shiny tunes four called. It was awkward.

Gogol Bordello: A Scot, a Russian and an Israeli walk into a bar… Then a Ukrainian, an Ecuadorian, another Russian, an Ethiopian and two Americans.

I See Rowboats: These guys are going to be big. Rich Aucoin big!

Jully Black: Fun fact about Jully Black: She has not aged since 1998 by living only in short increments during the hooks of other Canadian R&B performers songs.

Punish Yourself: You remember all the black light paint covered bad guys in Joel Schumachers Batman movies? They started a band.

Rich Aucoin: This guy is going to be big, I See Rowboats big!

The Travezty: Reminds me of a little group out of Alberta I saw a few years ago. I think they were called The Nicklebacks. Hope theyre doing well.

Winter Gloves: Fun fact about Montreal: If your band is from Montreal, people from Toronto will immediately assume youre cool.

Yoav: Fun fact about Europe: Its even cooler than being from Montreal.

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