Helmets are practical, but no one says they can’t look good too. welovemountains.com

Let’s face it: the thrill of shooting down a mountain on planks of wood while covered in snow has just as much to do with the style as it does with the sport. It’s the time of year when we start pulling out our winter gear, and this guide will ensure that your thrill of style complements your thrill of adventure.

Show off your day-to-day style.

Ski and snowboard designers work hard to create something for everyone. Ski and snowboard jacket styles are becoming increasingly diverse, which you will be sure to notice if you take the time to look around. When deciding on a jacket and matching pants, look for something that will complement your daily style so that you can wear it both on the street and on the mountain.

Add colour—get noticed!

The trend of being the brightest person on the snowy white mountain is slowly fading (simplicity is bliss, right?), but that doesn’t mean you should head down Plain Lane. It’s important for your friends to find you, so add a bright lid, bright pants, or a flashy toque to the mix. But remember: one bright piece makes the other elements of your outfit stand out even more, so there’s no need to don neon hats, gloves, jackets, and pants all at once in order to shine.

Baggy is beautiful.

Oversized blazers, extra-large cardigans, loose-fitting dress pants—the trend is obvious and is definitely carrying over to the mountain. Don’t be afraid to go one or two sizes up on your preferred jacket size. The look works in terms of your style and warmth. If it’s debatable whether the jacket is yours or your boyfriend’s, you’re wearing the style right. Make sure to get a slim-fit pant to ensure your jacket will pop; that goes for male and female. Baggy pants and baggy jackets never mesh well, and you don’t want to trip when you get off of the lift.

Get what you LIKE.

Quite often we get reeled in by the bombardment of beautiful jackets, cool patterns, and interesting additions, but remember to get something that suits you! If you don’t generally wear patterns, go for a simpler style (look at Burton’s women’s styles, specifically Women’s Dandridge Down jacket). It will be intricate in its stitching and unique in detail, and is also more suited for day-to-day wear, going to school, or taking a trip downtown. If you live for bright colours and dizzying patterns though, go for it! Everyone needs to be different. Check out Volcom’s Women’s Dila jacket if you really want to stand out.

Accessories are and always will be key.

Women’s jackets come in all the colours you could ever dream of. proboardshop.com

The beautiful thing about suiting up in more neutral or less invasive patterns is knowing how much more your accessories will pop. Scarves and bandanas are perfect for both warmth and style, and a belt will always look good with your pants. Fun, bright gloves are always exciting, and you won’t get sick of them because the mountain is probably the only place you’ll wear them. Goggles are probably the most fun you can have in terms of brightening up your style.

It’s fun to check out all the new styles and trends, but let’s be honest: treating yourself to the latest ski and snowboard style can add up quickly. Check out dogfunk.com or the-house.com for discounted 2011 styles online.

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