Show me the art

I have been up for twenty-six hours straight and have learned that Nuit Blanche not only means White Night in French, but also holds a another meaning: staying up all night to the point of delirium.
For those of you who still have not checked it out (and for all of you who did), Nuit Blanche is an event where the streets of Toronto are filled with performances, sculptures, installations, music, and anything else remotely artsy.
The Food Jammers created a two by four Ferris Wheel at Hart House as a part of Blackwood Gallerys Drop Out! exhibition. Instead of seats the Ferris wheel had blocks of frozen coffee which were scraped from to make coffee snow cones for curious attendees.
Alison Koboyashi, Emily Gove and Jennie Suddick hosted Cry School Yearbook just outside of Hart Houses Great Hall, where everyone was invited to make an appointment for a traditional goth or stoner makeover and then photographed in graduation garb as the ultimate high school dropout.
Jeff Koons flew a balloon rabbit over Yonge Street, Monopoly was played with real money at the TSX, Tom Dean slipped me exclusive photography tips (and hot cocoa to the rest of the public) while Jamie Kennedy cooked sausages. Walking paper bags apologized profusely while walking along the corridor of the Liberty Market building as a part of Maria Legaults Apology Project, and just down the hall one hundred individually recorded and compiled cries were experienced from overhead as a part of Oswaldo Maciás Surrounded in Tears.
UTMs very own Art and Art History program held their own series of individual and collaborative performances called Lights Out! in the entrance window at Camera Bar on Queen West, along with some short films playing in the back theatre.  A long list of performers included Diane Beatty-Wearing, Kyleigh Buryta, Jennifer Chan, Violeta Para DMoya, Mallory Hazlett, Sebastian Koever, Ryan Lord, Natalie Merrifield, Johnson Ngo, Paola Savasta and Jessica Vallentin.

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