Tickets? Sold out. Tables? Hauled in from other rooms. Chairs? Not enough! That was how the Mosaic Charity Dinner went on Friday. The fourth annual Charity Dinner, a collaboration of the UTM Music Club the Erindale Biology Society, was held to raise and donate funds to United Way.

UTM students, faculty, and community came out to watch UTM students perform. The first act included performances by the UTM Choir, Hilary Pearson, Edna Bovas, UMC’s own Joe Measures, and yours truly, as well as Go Diana—a lovely band whose original music I for one expect to go far. Dax Urbsatz, a UTM faculty member, got the crowd going with covers, including a crowd favourite by Coldplay.

The charity dinner also featured the UTM dance group Rhythm and, last but not least, St. Cecilia’s Youth Orchestra, who gave a half-hour performance of originals and covers that captured the crowd and even got some people swing dancing in the back of the Blind Duck.

UMC also raffled off a pair of Beats headphones. In the week leading up to the Charity Dinner, people had been asked to perform crazy tasks for a chance to win extra raffle tickets for this prize, including dancing and singing along to songs with “suggestive lyrics”, as UMC’s president, Nilabjo Banerjee, put it. The lucky winner, Suleiman Khan, had won 10 raffle tickets the day before the event by dancing and singing in the middle of the CCT Building.

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