Modern Love: The Podcast

As I worked long hours at my summer job, I experimented with different storytelling podcasts—and by far the best one I found was The New York Times’ Modern Love: The Podcast. Listening to a captivating story is a special experience, especially when the narrator draws you in with their voice and the emotion they pour into it. The podcasts open up with a signature catchphrase: “Stories of love, loss, and redemption.”

Modern Love: The Podcast is an adaptation of the Modern Love column in The New York Times where writers submit their stories about modern love. This can be romantic love, parental love, or even the love from a human and their pet. The Modern Love column is edited by Daniel Jones.

The podcast takes these stories and gets celebrities to pick a story to read. After the story, the host, Meghna Chakrabarti, catches up with the writers behind them to get input from Jones on the significance of the stories. These podcasts are not only excellent because of the captivating voices and music score, but the stories they tell have an immersive quality. I always feel as if I’m experiencing their story. It allows me to have insight to lives that are far different than my own.

Some stories involve finding love at different stages in life. One woman found her soulmate in her elder years while running a marathon. Another podcast titled “Groomzilla” depicts a man’s journey to creating to perfect wedding, from not choosing the right ties to rewriting invitations. Although this made me laugh, the podcast told the listener that the wedding ceremony is only a small piece of what a life-long marriage is about.

The podcast also dealt with more serious issues. In one episode called “Maddy Just Might Work,” a transwoman tells a story about their transition and their family tries to adjust to this change. This turn of events could’ve either made or broken the family. In the end,  the family became stronger, and stories like these provide a sense of hope for those going through similar experiences.

By sharing personal love stories that can bring joy, sadness, or make a small change to the world, Modern Love: The Podcast is an excellent podcast if you want to listen to a love story that doesn’t have a cliché ending.

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